Acid Stained Concrete Office Building Dallas, TX

Concrete Acid Staining

Acid stained concrete office building remodel in Dallas, TX

Acid Stained Concrete Floor Dallas, TX

Acid Stained Concrete Floor Dallas, TX

This office building remodel was being done in Dallas, TX. We came in and removed industrial carpet that was glued down to the floor. We then went in and removed and stripped all the glue remaining on the concrete. There where a few wall deletions throughout the building, and some minor concrete patch work was needed. The owner wanted a rustic, distressed look on the floors and acid staining the concrete was going to be perfect for the interior designers desired look. We acid stained the concrete with Scofield Weathered Bronze. This color gave the floor nice variations of brown, red, and green creating a very unique look! We then sealed the floor with a high gloss acrylic sealer that was followed with multiple coats of wax to protect the finish of the floor. Decorative concrete is the perfect flooring for office spaces. Our tough, easy to maintain floors will give a great new look to your business! Save time and money by going with out professional decorative concrete services! Call 972-296-2173 and find out what type of flooring system is right for you today!

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