Acid Stained Patio – Coppell, TX

Concrete Acid Staining

This home owner wanted to fix up their back patio to make a nice area for family and friends to hang out. Acid staining their concrete patio was the perfect solution!

Acid Stained Concrete Patio

Acid Stained Concrete Patio

The concrete was in pretty rough shape from damage that was done before they bought their home. It looked as if muriatic acid had been spilled on the concrete in a few areas. Muriatic acid spills on concrete will prevent the concrete from being able to receive acid stain. In these areas that where damaged we blended in the color with acrylics  to create a nice uniform look for the patio! We have the solutions for all your decorative concrete needs!! Give us a call today! 972-296-2173

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