Decorative Concrete Dallas, Tx

Micro Finish, Water Based Stain

Green and black stained concrete micro finish commercial floor.

Decorative Concrete Dallas, Tx

Decorative Concrete Floor

This commercial building has many employees working 24/7 in this warehouse producing their goods. This company needed a floor that can hold up to the high trafficthat goes through their break room around the clock. Vinyl tiles and laminate flooring where on the floor previously and where peeling up from moving vending machines in and out and all of the foot traffic. We discussed the many options available with our decorative concrete floors. After viewing come of our stained concrete samples the company decided to go with a black and green micro finish floor with a solvent based sealer. Our extremely durable sealer and micro finish is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a beautiful floor that will last for years!

We used a decorative concrete micro finish with the colors black and forest green to achieve this beautiful marble look on this floor. After the previous flooring was removed the floor was then grinding and cleaned to assure a good bond with the micro finish overlay. After the micro finish was applied the floor was then sealed with a solvent based sealer followed by a wax.

Our colored micro finish is quickly becoming one of the more popular flooring systems that we offer. Our customers have been ecstatic with the beautiful variations of color created that resemble marble flooring. These decorative concrete floors are certain to grab the attention of any guests visiting your business or home! Feel free to come by our office to view a sample of this flooring system or we can bring it to you! Call today to talk with our concrete staining professionals and find out how ESR Concrete Staining can help you!

Decorative Concrete Project Photos in Dallas, TX

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