Sealer Repair Waxahachie, TX


Another companies first attempt at a decorative concrete floor gone wrong. ESR to the rescue!!

Damaged Concrete Sealer Repair

Damaged Concrete Sealer Repair

This front and back patio was acid stained and engraved with a tile design in the front and a flagstone design in the rear. The sealer was applied in inadequate conditions and did not create a uniform surface so the company kept applying more and more coats of sealer until it was smooth. This was a BIG mistake! After a few months the sealer clouded over because it was not able to breath and eventually began to crack and flake off in areas. There was so much sealer on this floor the it to an enormous amount of sealer stripper to even make a dent in it. After going through many gallons of stripper we where finally able to get the front and back patios back into shape and reseal them! Now these home owners will have a decorative concrete floor they can be proud of and that will last them for years to come! Get your floor done right the first time by calling ESR Concrete Staining! 972-296-2173

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