Patio Stamped Concrete Overlay – Midlothian, TX

Slate stamped concrete overlay on a patio in Midlothian, TX.

Slate Stamped Overlay

Slate Stamped Overlay

This patio was your typical boring gray concrete slab. When it rained the patio became extremely slick. The home owner told us a story of their child’s friend running and slipping on the wet concrete sending them through their glass front door! Luckily all the broken glass did not cut the child and he came out unhurt from the slip! A great solution for smooth slippery concrete is a stamped concrete overlay! The texture of the concrete and a non slip compound that is added to our sealers creates a great profile that has better slip characteristics when compared to smooth concrete.

We installed a slate stamped overlay on this patio with a textured border creating a beautiful one of a kind look! Call 972-296-2173 to learn more information about our stamped concrete overlay services! We provide high quality decorative concrete installations for the Dallas Metro areas! Our employees are highly trained professionals ready to provide you with quality services!


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